Rules and Regulation

 Please read and discuss the following Rules and Regulations with all members of your camping party.


The Rules and Regulations below are intended to provide the campground, staff and all campers with a safe and happy environment to relax and enjoy oneself. Failure to abide by these Rules and Regulations or disruption of others' enjoyment will force us to ask you to complete your stay with us. NO REFUND(S) shall be given after quiet hours.

Must Be 21 to rent a site.

Check-In 2:00PM - 8:00PM / Check-Out 12:00PM

QUIET HOURS: Will be observed between: 9:30PM to 8:00AM - Sunday thru Thursday. 10:30PM to 8:00AM - Friday and Saturday. All voices, radios, TV's, etc. must be kept to a sound level that cannot be heard on adjoining/nearby sites.

CURFEW: Children under the age of 18 must be on a site with a responsible adult (over 18 years of age) 30 minutes prior to the start of quiet hours.

CHILDREN: The safety and behavior of children is the sole and absolute responsibility of the adults camping with them. Playing in, on and around the bath building, dock or boat launch is prohibited. Children, under the age of 14, must be accompanied by a responsible adult (age 18 & up) in the pool area, on the dock and boat launch. Intentional damage or loss of campground or other campers' property will result in repair/replacement costs being paid by the adults on the registered site of the children causing such damage/loss.

CAMPFIRES: No fire shall be left unattended. All fires MUST be kept low and within the confines of the designated fire-ring/grill provided. DO NOT MOVE FIRE-RINGS/GRILLS!!! The fire-ring/grill on each site has been placed in a location approved by the Newfields Fire Chief. The placement of rocks, cans, bottles, glass, wood with nails, screws, or other pieces of metal in fire-rings/grills is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

PETS: Dogs MUST be on a leash (6' max. length) or a site tie-out (Which confines dog within your site boundaries only). 
Scoop their Poop " by picking it up, bagging it and putting it in your bagged trash or dumpsters not in trash containers provided throughout the campground, no matter where your dog chooses to go, even if it is in the woods . Dogs/pets are not permitted in the pool area, any building or on the waterfront area with the exception of the tarred boat launch. NO ROTTWEILER, PIT BULL (full or mixed) BREED DOGS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME. Visitors are not allowed to bring their pets, please let your visitors know this in advance, so we do not have to disallow their visit.

Travel Within the Campground Property: Travel throughout the campground is limited to Roads only, for any type of transportation (walking, bikes, scooter, cars, trucks, etc.).

Parking: Great Bay Camping, LLC offers one and two car parking on site depending on the site that is rented. The only sites that two cars are allowed to park on are as follows: 42, 43, 44, 46, 48, 52, 64, 67, 70, 71, 74, 75, and 76. On all other sites only one car is allowed to park on the site. Additional parking is available in designated areas. Parking of your vehicles on any other site, whether occupied or not, may only be done with written permission from Great Bay Camping's Management.

VEHICLES/RECREATIONAL VEHICLES/BICYLES/BOATS: Recreational vehicles will only be allowed to have one (1) tent on site. One (1) passenger car or pickup truck per campsite, all other vehicles (including loud, as determined by the Campground Management) and boats must park in the campground parking areas. Washing of motor vehicles, campers, or boats (except rinsing off salty river water at boat launch) is not allowed. Motorcycles are permitted to and from your site for the purpose of entering and exiting the campground ONLY. ATV and go-cart type vehicles are not allowed to be ridden/driven within the boundaries of the campground. Our dock is for on/off load only; No daytime or overnight docking allowed without special permission of the Campground Management. All vehicles and/or boat trailers must be returned to their parking area after launching your boat, canoe, or kayak. NO PARKING OF VEHICLES ON THE WATERFRONT AREA. Due to the irresponsible behavior of prior campers, Jet Ski and/or Jet Ski Type watercrafts are prohibited from the campground's boat launch and dock. Bicycle riding must be confined to the roadways only (no riding across sites). Bicycles must be equipped with lights if ridden after dark. NO bicycle riding after 9:30 pm.

ALL FIREWORKS** WEAPONS (of any kind) and/or ILLEGAL DRUG USE/POSSESSION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED ANYWHERE ON THE CAMPGROUND PROPERTY INCLUDING THE STORE/SHELL STATION . Great Bay Camping is a ZERO TOLERANCE property. There will be NO second chances. The police will be summoned for violators of this rule. ** ONLY morning glory type (with wooden stick) sparklers may be used by children, with a responsible adult in attendance, and the used sticks should be places in your fire ring on your site, not a trash bag.

ALCOHOL/TOBACCO: Alcohol consumption and tobacco product use by minors is prohibited. All beverage containers, their pop tops and caps and tobacco by-products must be disposed of in a proper trash container; do not leave them on sites or the ground, roads, or woods. DO NOT DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL OR OTHER PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES within the boundaries of the campground or on the public roadways. You will be required to complete your stay with us and the police will be notified of your DUI if you choose to ignore this rule.

CLOTHESLINE: One (1) short line for towels and bathing suits only and it MUST be placed so as to not create a safety hazard and removed prior to departure. Washers/Dryers (coin operated) are on the premises for "normal laundry".

TREES, SHRUBS AND ADJOINING PROPERTY: DO NOT remove, cut, chop, debark, or drive nails into trees, shrubs or undergrowth, dead or alive, on the campground property (bounded by outside edge of main roads) or our neighbors' property. DO NOT TRESPASS ON OUR NEIGHBORS PROPERTY. Driving Range must be accessed via roadways, do not cut through the woods and/or driving range, per their request.

TRASH/GARBAGE: From June 15th thru Labor Day we will pick up trash/garbage (must be bagged and tied) from the front edge of your site between 10:00 and 10:30AM each day. Prior to June 15th and after Labor Day weekend or at other times during the day, you will be required to put your trash/garbage in the campground dumpsters, located on the outgoing road. Please throw your trash/garbage as far to the back as possible not to the door on the opposite side. ALL BOXES, including beer and/soda cartons, must be flattened prior to being thrown in a dumpster unless it is totally filled with trash. OUR DUMPSTERS ARE FOR THE DISPOSAL OF FOOD STUFF AND NORMAL DAILY TRASH ONLY (per waste disposal company). The disposal of chairs, grills, mattresses, camper remodeling debris, etc. is strictly prohibited.

VISITORS/GUESTS: Visitors/guests of registered campers enter the campground at their own risk and are required to register, pay a fee and park in designated visitor/guest parking areas upon their arrival. Day visitors/guests shall leave no later than the start of quiet time. Overnight visitors/guests shall leave by 12:00PM. NO VISITORS/GUESTS SHALL BE ADMITTED TO THE CAMPGROUND AFTER THE START OF QUIET TIME AND VISITORS/GUEST ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING THEIR PETS. Please make your visitors/guests aware of these limitations for admittance into Great Bay Camping so we do not have to disallow their visit or ask them to leave. Registered campers are responsible for their visitors/guests and must make sure they have registered and abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Campground.

LOST STOLEN OR DAMAGED PROPERTY: While we try our best to be security conscious, ultimately the safeguarding of your goods/property is your responsibility. Great Bay Camping LLC will not accept or assume any responsibility for your lost, stolen and/or damaged goods/property by any person/persons known or unknown.


  • Swim at Your Own Risk. No Life Guard on Duty. Children under the age of 14 must have an adult (age 18 & up) with them at all times.

  • Pool is Open at 9:00AM till dusk (weather permitting) no admittance after dark.

  • Obscene language or what could be deemed obscene activity/actions prohibited.

  • Bathing suits required. No cutoffs, stringy garments, jeans, etc. allowed.

  • Life jackets and arm floatees permitted, No styrofoam toys/floats or air mattress/chair type floatation allowed.

  • No diving allowed from pool edges and/or pool patio furniture.


  • NO Glass, Balloons, or Food in Pool or Pool enclosure.

  • No hanging on safety ropes, playing with life ring or pool hose/equipment. No hanging on, pulling in/out or climbing on pool fence or gate.

  • Only the use of waterproof suntan lotion or oil is permitted.

  • No running allowed within the pool enclosure. No "rough housing", activity or game playing that limits the enjoyment or safety of others.

  • No Swimming in the river at any time.

Pool, boat dock and boat launch will be vacated and closed for all impending and/or during electrical storms.